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History of

Liu Seong System


The Liu Seong System is one of the many styles of Kuntao, which are hybrid martial arts systems derived from the cultures of Chinese Indonesia The Liu Seong System was brought to America, from Indonesia, by Willem A. Reeders (1917-1990).

GGM Willem Reeders was of mixed heritage, being of Dutch and Chinese background, but raised in Indonesia. GGM Willem Reeders was Chinese on his mother’s side, Dutch on his father’s side, and was raised in Indonesia. GGM Willem Reeders served in Royal Dutch Indonesian Army. When World War ll began the Japanese took control of the Indonesian Army. GGM Willem Reeders was captured by the Japanese, however he able to escape the Japanese under their seize. Reeders started doing sabotage missions against the Japanese under the code name Red Ant which is well documented in Magazine. “Rampage of the Red Ant” was an article published in Magazine called Action for Men. The article would tell detailed exploits of Willem Reeders during the war on how Kuntao was used to defend his own life. Also when young Willem Reeders received training in a variety of martial arts, no one knows how many exactly.  One of the stories say Willem Reeders is to have begun his training at the age of 4, to have traveled to the Shaolin Temple in China at the age of 12, and then to have been taught the Reeders Family Kuntao system by his uncle. No doubt that his is primary teacher was his great uncle Liu Seong, whose title he bore. The Liu Seong Family System of Kun Tao came from Master Willem Reeders’ mother’s brother, Prince Liu Seong. Prince Liu Seong moved from Macua, China to Jakarta, Indonesia to live with his sister, Master Willem Reeders’ mother. In payment for this, Master Lieu Seong trained Master Reeders in the Royal System of Kun Tao. Traditionally, when the system was handed down, the family member took his Master’s name. That is briefly how Master Willem Reeders is also known as Master Liu Seong. His uncle taught him his family's Kuntao system which was a form of fighting which focuses on devastating close range techniques. Accounts also claim he had over ten Silat teachers in Indonesia. His Silat styles included Tjikalong (Cikalong), Tjimande (Cimande), Harimau, and Serak, among others. Reeders was an extremely accomplished martial artist who was able to tie many focal elements of various arts together into a cohesive whole. The result is an art that although bearing many similarities to many well-known arts still retains a distinctive identity with its own signature whip like movements, strategies, and brutal tactics. It is based firmly in an objective approach, based on the principles of physics, anatomy, and psychology. The patterns of movement are designed to be extremely effective and one hallmark is the ability to throw a large volume of attacks very rapidly for fast effective devastation. Definitely GM Reeders Kuntao left a huge impact in America that is still practiced to this very day.

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